All your important information stored in a secure vault.

Make your important information securely and easily available to loved ones when you become incapacitated or pass away.

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How it works


Nominate your confidants – these are the people who will need your information when you pass away or become incapacitated.


Populate your vault with all your information. You don’t have to do this at once, so keep coming back to update your details and add more.

Notify Confidants

When you pass away, your confidants will access your vault. A notification will be sent to you and should you not respond in the time you specified (default 48 hours), your vault will automatically open.


The reason Heritage Vault was born. Your confidants will access your vault having everything they need in one place

30-day FREE trial

$3.50 per month or $25 per year

What your vault includes

Your Heritage Vault will include your most important information, leaving your loved ones with exactly what they need to know. Your vault will include 13 different categories of data, which you can populate over a period of time. It should be a living database that you update as your details change and as you go through different life-stages.

Basic information

A summary of your personal information.
  • Copies of ID, drivers license, passport, birth certificate, antenuptial contract, divorce order
  • Income tax registration details and copy of latest return
  • Medical aid details
  • Current employer detail and emergency contact
  • Details of your children – copy of birth certificate, ID doc, passport

The essentials

Your wishes and the essentials that your confidants will need to know. (living will, organ donor status, will and testament, etc.)
  • Power of attorney (who it is, scanned copy of doc and physical location of document)
  • Living will (scanned copy and physical location)
  • Organ donor details
  • Will and testament (scanned copy and physical location of document)
  • Executor’s details
  • Beneficiaries’ details
  • Cremation / burial wishes (ceremony venue, (non-)-religious ceremony leader details, what to do with ashes, messages, funeral songs, etc, etc, etc)

Clean-up squad

The secrets you would rather want to take to the grave.
This section gives specific people clear directions of what to do. (for example, when I die, please find my safe in my bedroom cupboard and throw out the weed before my daughter gets to it!).

Key contacts

A quick summary of all your important contacts.
Executor, financial adviser, accountant, attorney, house doctor, any specific family members who need to be notified, any specific friends who need to be notified.